Setting Up and Optimizing Top Production Lines


High-volume products such as consumer electronics are steadily increasing in complexity while getting considerably smaller. Many assembly tasks have become very difficult for manual labor, or require training that can’t be justified with shrinking margins. At the same time, many existing automated lines are aging, or haven’t been updated with capabilities that could significantly improve production. In either case, the goals are clear:

  • Faster, more reliable production
  • 100% inspection criteria adherence
  • Reduced human capital risks
  • Lower costs and greater margins

Partnering with Jabil, manufacturers gain global access to leading automation engineers and state-of-the-art robotics and processes. Jabil applies its unique expertise to deliver best practices, standards, and divisional resources that focus on specific products and market requirements. Companies have reduced platform equipment costs up to 30% and implemented core processes that are up to 30% faster — using considerably less factory floor space.

Final Assembly, Test, and Pack (FATP) Automation

In addition to helping companies optimize their automated lines, Jabil offers the Standard Integration Module (SIM) platform that uses interchangeable modules to automate basic-to-complex FATP applications. These pre-engineered solutions — including wafer and PCB assembly applications — greatly minimize risks, simplify integration, and reduce lead times, and can be used inline or as standalone workstations.

The Jabil SIM platform offers:

  • Re-deployability using common interfaces, enabling rapid application changeovers
  • Variable levels of automation, from semi-manual to fully automated
  • Flexibility for a variety of configurations that support any number of interrelated processes, production speeds, and quality levels
  • Diverse processes including screw fastening, P2P soldering, label placement, precision dispensing, vision-based alignment, and pick-and-place assembly

SIM building blocks include contact tooling, part presentation and feeders, manipulators, material handling systems, vision systems, and software.

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