Device Integration

Engineering to Combine More Capabilities in Smaller Components

Smart Device Integration

Miniaturization continues to drive markets from aerospace to consumer electronics — smaller, lighter, thinner, and flexible components sell better. More product categories require friendly human machine interfaces. And increasingly, designs require integrating circuits with non-traditional materials such as glass, films, paper, and textiles. Volumetric efficiency is a key success factor.

For electronics manufacturing services (EMS), device integration is the ability to put together miniaturized electronic and mechanical components of a variety of materials — with a variety of capabilities — into tight spaces without compromising performance. Jabil’s unique experience with micro/macro assembly, interconnect, and wafer-level manufacturing processes enables reducing the size of electronic components and increasing functionality without increasing product size. With Jabil, form factor no longer limits performance.

For example, wearables and medical devices — fitness trackers, smart watches, headsets, smart terminals, head-up displays, insulin pumps, and hearing aids — are particularly enabled by portability. Fitting full functionality in a smaller footprint, Jabil device integration capabilities solve:

  • User comfort challenges
  • Accessibility barriers
  • Temperature/energy consumption concerns 

These applications often require exacting mechanical precision. For example, an insulin pump is a medical mechatronic that can deliver .0001 ml increments of medicine using linear actuators with tolerances up to 0.001 mm. It can take years to pass devices like this through meticulous regulatory testing, ensuring absolute safety and reliability.

Yet at the same time, an insulin pump is a high-volume consumer device. It’s often placed next to the skin, under a bra, with a reservoir that lasts days. It must be small, comfortable, environmentally durable, not to mention attractive with a very user-friendly design and interface.

Jabil is uniquely able to bring together the design skills, materials and compliance expertise, and manufacturing experience to build these kinds of components — small, light, thin, and flexible, with exacting mechanical and electronic specifications. We quickly get you to market. And our digital supply chain experience — with a global footprint — ensures the delivery of reliable product on-time and at the lowest landed cost.


  • Blue Sky Research Center — lab space and expert talent
  • Class 100 and 10,000 cleanrooms
  • Die bond, wire bond, surface treatment, test and analysis capabilities
  • Wafer-level equipment
  • Glass research and advanced surface prep, micro/macro-integration
  • Deep human machine interface expertise
  • Ecosystem and process development
  • 3D pick and placement
  • 3D inspection and production transfer
  • Advanced package handling