Smart Factory

Seamless Human-Machine Interaction — the Key to the Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Jabil smart factory solutions seamlessly integrate humans, technologies, and communications to rapidly adapt production processes and meet ever-changing market conditions.

Intelligent, integrated machines have embedded sensors that measure any number of metrics such as material quality, size, cosmetic appearance, weight, environmental conditions, temperature, air cleanliness, and humidity. Using a variety of wireless and wireline technologies, these sensors interact with enterprise systems to connect decentralized production facilities, suppliers, logistics, and consumers for true, end-to-end lifecycle management.

The Jabil smart factory enables:

  • Resources Optimization — planning, allocating, monitoring
  • Real-Time Tracking — product, process, and people performance
  • Automatic Triggering Systems — catching all performance failures

What’s driving the smart factory?

  • Build-to-demand beats build-to-inventory — increasingly, consumers demand personalization, matching shoes and clothing to exact body type and size, and near-instant access to all goods and services.
  • Product lifecycles are collapsing thanks to same-day delivery business models, rapidly advancing manufacturing processes, social-media sharing, and intense global competition.
  • The size and cost of electronic components continue to lessen. Computer and conductivity technologies are integrated into everything, as smaller, lighter, and more powerful chips do more with less energy.

The benefits of the smart factory include faster, real-time feedback, with more flexible and efficient business processes. The impact will extend globally, adding an estimated $14.2 trillion to 20 of the world’s major economies in the next 15 years. It could drive $2.7 trillion in economic value from waste reduction and increase U.S. gross domestic product by 2% by 2030. Customers benefit through reduced time-to-market and lower costs from more-efficient capital investments and optimized inventories. There is less waste and a significantly-smaller carbon footprint.

The smart factory is giving customers better access to goods and services. Hence, Jabil partners depend on our solutions to bring more of their products safely to market faster, cheaper, and with better quality.