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Jabil Helps Superfeet Revolutionize the Way It Gets Under Foot.

Superfeet Case Study

"Life-changing," is how Superfeet's VP of Marketing & Product, Eric Hayes describes the company. If you're one of the many from across the world who have improved foot comfort, eliminated pain or boosted performance with the help of their specialized insoles for footwear, you're sure to agree.

However, for 40 years, the manufacturing process behind the Superfeet shape has remained mostly the same. With a vision for more efficient, effective and personalized solutions, they were poised to take the first steps towards digital manufacturing with 3D printing. The problem was: their expertise was insoles, not 3D printing. "It would have taken me an extra 2 years to be able to go to market, if I hadn't had the relationship with Jabil," Eric says.

The partnership enables Superfeet to bolster their expertise with Jabil's additive manufacturing engineering and design, as well as hardware and materials selection guidance. According to Eric, "We went from an hour down to 15-25 minutes on our existing custom process, with Radius' and Jabil's help."

Beyond the speed, time and cost advantages, Jabil helps Superfeet deliver on its brand promise. Take it from Eric, "We're going to help more people. We're going to put more products under people's feet. And Jabil's going to help us do it."

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Superfeet & Jabil