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Today, data and the networks that carry it form the lifeblood of commerce, and Jabil's Networking Solutions group enables go-to-market solutions for companies that power the way the world communicates. Jabil is dedicated to helping networking and networking security customers navigate these accelerated and highly-competitive markets by innovating faster to stay ahead of the innovation curve. By manufacturing through a single point of contact and accountability, Jabil helps our customers bring switches, routers, firewalls, hyperconverged and other networking products to market with higher quality and cost-effectiveness. To provide our customers with creative solutions, we are also innovating well beyond the boundaries of traditional contract manufacturing, supporting such initiatives as Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Networking as a Service, and providing the network backbone that connects the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT).

Why Jabil?

  • Flexible engagement models that support both hardware and software centric go-to-market strategies
  • Vertically integrated supply chain accelerates time-to-market and ensures the most profitable solutions
  • World class levels of quality throughout manufacturing led from product inception by a Global NPI team
  • Planning and supply chain expertise that enable rapid scaling through rising and falling customer demand at high Delivery to Request achievement
  • Provide the capabilities and expertise of a trusted partner and a single point of accountability to let customers focus on what they do best - their business
  • Proprietary, integrated end-to-end test methodologies ensure maximum product throughput and minimum materials loss and resource waste


Enterprise WAP

  • Wave-2 multiuser MIMO
  • Dual radios
  • Multigigabit Ethernet over existing Cat 5e, Cat 6, and 10GBASE-T (Cat 6A) cabling
  • Network Security
  • Single and multi-rack firewall units

In addition to general EMS capabilities for components, Jabil helps networking customers optimize:

  • Modular switch design
  • Full stack reference architectures and factory based integration
  • End-customer order handling and direct fulfillment with BTO/CTO operations
  • Worldwide hubbing and strategic logistics

Our dedicated facilities and Centers of Excellence provide rapid design, prototyping, advanced new-product-introduction techniques, and test services. Our end-to-end test methodologies ensure that products meet strict quality requirements at each phase of the lifecycle. Our locations include:

  • Colorado Springs, CO - Design Center
  • San Jose, CA - Rapid Digital Prototyping
  • Manufacturing and Direct Fulfillment Operations in:
    • Guadalajara, Mexico
    • Penang, Malaysia
    • Pune, India
    • Venray, Netherlands
    • Tver, Russia
Enterprise & Infrastructure

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