Consumer Health

Connect. Monitor. Improve.

Consumer Health

Creating More Powerful User Experiences and Deeper Connections with Customers 

Nypro, a Jabil Company, has end-to-end design and manufacturing expertise that enables diverse consumer health products — from wearable fitness devices and smart footwear to blood pressure monitors. Partnering with providers in an integrated and collaborative development model, our trusted advisory and consulting services help create more powerful user experiences and deeper connections with customers. 

Our consumer health solutions: 

  • Connect users with sensors and technologies comfortably and fashionably. 
  • Monitor biometrics through platforms, connected apps, and physician and social circles. 
  • Improve quality of life with technologies that improve healthcare outcomes. 


With extensive expertise in wearable technologies, Nypro offers best-in-class integration of miniaturized sensors and electronics with visual mechanics to answer real market needs in enhanced, market-pleasing form factors. Examples include fitness and activity monitors that leverage Jabil expertise in:   

  • Flexible electronics 
  • Biocompatible materials 
  • DFx and value engineering 
  • PCBA and mechanical design 
  • Wireless communication 


With nearly 20 years of experience integrating textiles and electronics through Clothing+, Nypro is uniquely qualified to take textile-based medical applications to the next level, while assuring biocompatibility and monitoring accuracy requirements for FDA and CE approval. Our market-leading capabilities enable e-textiles that monitor: 

  • Heart rate, variability and activity (ECG) 
  • Brainwaves (EEG) and emotions (GSR) 
  • Muscle activity (EMG) 
  • Motion and posture (accelerometers) 
  • Blood oxygen (optical sensors) and temperature (thermosensors) 

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