Solutions by Lifecycle

Partnering at Every Stage of Product Life

Solutions by Lifecycle

Throughout the product lifecycle, Jabil contributes a wealth of experience and deep expertise to help partners excel. From innovating new, highly-manufacturable designs through fabricating via advanced processes and optimizing the delivery supply chain, Jabil is a world-leading manufacturing services provider.

Our capabilities start with innovation, helping imagine new ways to apply technologies and combine features to meet customer desires. Our design skills not only represent top-level engineering, but also manufacturability — ensuring that products can be produced reliably and cost-effectively on the plant floor. Meticulously planning the manufacturing setup, materials, and labor requirements means we can make virtually anything for the lowest landed cost. Partners can then deliver the greatest value — for lasting customer satisfaction.

Finally, throughout the entire lifecycle, our intelligent digital supply chain solutions — supply chain control — let our partners manage, end-to-end, all aspects of successful production.