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Creating Product Excellence and Manufacturability

Jabil Design

We help you deliver a better brand and/or user experience that builds your brand loyalty and drives consumer adoption. Integrating imagination with discipline, expertise, and efficiency. And when designing for manufacturing, this means carefully considering all phases of development and production to create the highest functionality at the lowest cost. It also avoids the costly and risky “Oops, we should have thought about that earlier” scenario.

In effective design, prototyping is key. It lets designers, engineers, and marketers virtually explore and optimize a component before investing in tooling, assembly, and test equipment. And it enables accelerated product introduction to bring the best product to market quickly and at scale. With locations in Silicon Valley and Belgium, Jabil rapid prototyping facilities feature state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment run by highly-skilled engineers who transform designs into quality prototypes quickly, efficiently, and economically. And with prototyping labs and manufacturing expertise under the same roof, the move from design to manufacturing is a seamless transition.

Partnering with Jabil brings an innovative attitude, broad design and engineering expertise, and decades of experience as one of the world’s leading integrated manufacturing services companies. With active operations at over 90 sites in 23 countries, and an innovation, design, and development consultancy — Radius Innovation & Development — we’re ready to help.

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