Fabricating and Assembling the Best Possible Products in a Lean, Six Sigma Environment



Converting raw materials and assembling components into goods that consistently exceed expectations — making the best possible products in a Lean, Six Sigma environment — requires three disciplines:

  • Optimizing consumption — using the precise amount of materials, capacity, and manpower needed to meet demand with minimal waste
  • Maximizing quality — sourcing appropriate raw materials and refining production processes to enable near-zero-defect fabrication
  • Accelerating production — building flexibility into processes and the supply chain to cost-effectively adapt to fast-changing consumer demands

Jabil Lean manufacturing techniques, perfected over decades, accomplish more with less by consistently focusing on activities and resources that add value. From value-stream mapping to rank-order clustering, Jabil expertise smooths and levels production to provide our customers with the greatest-possible outcomes at the least-possible cost.

Key Offerings:

  • Configure-to-Order/Build-to-Order
  • Final Assembly, Test, and Pack
  • High Mix, Low Volume/Low Mix, High Volume
  • Production Large-Form-Factor High-Level Assembly
  • Procurement Management
  • Regulatory Quality and Safety Process Management
  • Secondary Processes
  • System Integration
  • Technology Integration
  • Tooling and Automation Systems

Jabil offers end-to-end, comprehensive manufacturing capabilities with operations at over 90 sites in 23 countries. As a single point of accountability, we help make the highest-quality products and components using the latest automation and process technologies. Our flexible approach streamlines the entire product lifecycle, empowering our customers to focus on what matters most to their business — with the peace of mind that Jabil has the rest covered.

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