Planning and Logistical Expertise for World-class Solutions



Proper planning enables the best use of resources to serve customers. It aligns demand and capacity, both in-house and external, by managing materials, scheduling machines and people, and coordinating suppliers and key customers.

In the long term, this means anticipating infrastructure needs such as equipment and buildings on a global level. Sourcing that scales effectively is cultivated over time, as capacity planning for key suppliers and other outsourced partners is critically important. In the medium term, planning includes ensuring that the right amounts of materials and inventories are where they should be, and that customers and suppliers have accurate reports and forecasts. Short-term planning is the detailed scheduling of all resources — orchestrating diverse factors to bring a product to market on-time and at the lowest possible cost.

Key Offerings:

  • Certification and Testing (MFi)
  • End-of-Life/LTB
  • Footprint Rationalization, Outsourcing Planning
  • Lowest Landed Cost Analysis
  • Materials Development and Selection
  • New Product Introduction
  • Planning and Inventory Optimization
  • Production Globalization Strategy and Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
  • Site Selection
  • Supply Chain Planning

This level of planning is extraordinarily complex, and many companies struggle with the constraints of difficult cost structures, complex and diverse sectors and geographies, ever-shifting supply chains, turbulent economies, and scarce resources. Fortunately, Jabil planning and logistical expertise provides customers with world-class supply chain network design and optimization solutions through proprietary, predictive, activity-based simulation and optimization tools.

Partnering with Jabil, one of the world’s leading integrated manufacturing services companies, brings the benefits of decades of planning experience to bear. With active operations at over 90 sites in 23 countries, we’re ready to help.

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