Engineering Manager

End-to- End, Comprehensive Capabilities from Ideation Through Manufacturing

Engineering Management

In designing a great product, engineers bring laser-like focus to technical demands that relentlessly grow in complexity. Yet just as relentlessly, consumers demand a broader and deeper feature set. Increasingly, products require it all: sensors and connectivity, ease-of-use, attractive design, and sustainability.

Each of these capabilities is a standalone discipline in its own right, and very few companies maintain the breadth of expertise needed to design — and quickly bring to market — increasingly complex devices. That’s why Jabil offers end-to-end, comprehensive capabilities from ideation and conceptual design to additive manufacturing and printed electronics. With operations at over 90 sites in 23 countries, we help:

  • Innovate and develop designs optimized for performance and manufacturability
  • Rapidly prototype for accelerated product introductions
  • Manufacture the highest-quality products and components using the latest automation and process technologies
  • Stringently validate and test with proprietary, integrated methodologies

Our flexible approach streamlines the entire product lifecycle, empowering our customer to focus on what matters most to their business — with the peace of mind that Jabil has the rest covered.

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