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Digital Supply Chain

Total Supply Chain Orchestration

In the new digital economy, macro forces such as globalization, product complexity, shorter development cycles, and mass customization apply incredible pressure to supply chains. The need for end-to-end visibility, instant responses, and immediate availability is changing business models and is challenging existing supply chains to do more than simply keep up. For mid and large-sized enterprises, spreadsheets and other traditional applications can no longer do the job.

Today’s digital economy demands a new approach to manage the entire supply chain ecosystem — a solution that leverages the cloud, real-time connectivity, and advanced analytics. Jabil Intelligent Digital Supply Chain (IDSC) solutions enable the best strategies, innovation, and design throughout the supply chain, delivering superior financial performance and customer experience. 

Jabil's IDSC solutions include:

  • Jabil InControl™- A supply chain decision support solution that provides unmatched visibility, instant collaboration, and risk management across the entire supply chain 
  • Procurement Solutions - Effective procurement strategies from guidance and support to quoting and sourcing 
  • Supply Chain Solutions - Transformative supply chain solutions from coaching and consulting to full ownership of fundamental supply chain processes